Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Mobile --------->Curbside

When COVID hit, I was made to adjust my services from mobile service to curbside. I was afraid that I'd lose business but, just the opposite, curbside seemed to be quite popular. And so, due to circumstances, I will be changing from obile notary service to curbside service. I realize that there will be instances when you may need mobile services and so I will still offer them, at my discretion. Just know that more than likely, I will be able to accomodate your needs, curbside at my home. For anyone who hasn't taken advantage of this service, it entails you driving up to my home and remaining in your car with your valid ID and documents and me coming out to you. From there, I will gather your ID, oversee you sign your documents and then I will leave you for a few moments to notarize and stamp your documents. I will then return to you, return your IDs, have you overlook your documents for accuracy and then I will have you sign my journal. I will also be creating a new and improved website, which will give you important information and provide a source of common documents that you can print for your needs. Currently, it is under construction but check back often! www.hudsoncurbside.com Thank you and I look forward to continue providing a quick and easy service! -Andrea